Friday, January 1, 2010

Going Home After The Christmas Bomber

All in all, this was a great trip and the price was right. $489.94 for airfare for 2 adults round trip from LAX to YVR. The hotel we stayed in the first night and the last night was a sad $70 per night. Complete and total rip off. (See first post of this trip.) The cost of staying 6 days in Nanaimo was $200. We mostly cooked our own breakfasts and dinners. We picnicked most lunches. We ate out a couple of times. Now for the worst part of the trip, which could have been worse than it was. On Christmas Day, while we were flying out of LAX, the Christmas Bomber was attempting to do his thing in Detroit. Although this had no effect on our flight out of the country, it had plenty of effect on the flight home. We waited in lines for what seemed like forever to get on the plane. We were patted down. We had to give up nearly all of our possessions. Pretty much nothing could be carried on. This was the only trip that my husband ever brought his laptop. And this was the first time you had to carry your laptop on but you had to check the case. And once we got on the plane, we were told they had "misplaced" some luggage and the plane was delayed on the tarmac until the luggage was located. But I was able to carry on my purse...we heard some flights were worse.