Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sights to see in PV

Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe
The construction started on this church in the early 1900s and was completed around 1940. It's just a few blocks from the plaza downtown and we toured the inside, along with others. It's free, but they appreciate donations, however small. We took a few pictures and moved on.

Kids running around in the church
There is a Starbucks in the Plaza. I take advantage of a Starbucks anywhere. I'm not a purist when it comes to coffee and will march right in to a Starbucks anywhere and order my usual Skinny Vanilla Latte. I really enjoyed drinking it in the "El Jardin Principal" and watching the people. There's some big trees in the square with a gazebo and lots of benches. We enjoyed watching the "pigeon chasers" as we like to call them.
Pigeon Chasers

Around The Town

Walk the steep steps up to the entrance

After arriving at our condo the previous night, the first thing we needed to do is eat. We always bring a little food along and that would get us to lunch.  We headed down to a little vegetarian restaurant called, Planeta Vegetariano. It's a few blocks from the Cathedral and was "OK." It's "buffet style" and husband went back a few times. Very colorfully designed and busy while we were there. Friendly service and clean. And, really affordable at about $5 each. I have read reviews elsewhere around the internet and I think we may have hit the place on an off day...a Thursday noon experience which seems to come in behind a weekend dinner experience. At any rate, the dessert was the best part. A yummy cake, brought to our table and the dessert changes daily.
Inside Planeta Vegetariano

Wake up!
After lunch, we headed to a local neighborhood grocery store. There is a Costco in town and a Sam's Club, if you need large quantities of food.  And there is a Walmart. Walmart pretty much monopolizes the grocery market in Mexico. Everything you would normally buy at a Supermarket, you'll find at Walmart, along with clothing, household goods, hardware, etc. Even souvineers. But, we just wanted a few things today like bread and milk so off we went to the little local  mercado. Here's a shot of some cereal boxes. Everything is brighter and louder in Mexico!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Puerto Vallarta

Day One in Puerto Vallarta or "PV" as it's called. We left LAX yesterday around 10am on U.S. Airways, stopping briefly in Phoenix, arriving in PV around  5pm. Airfare was $330 apiece, including taxes and fees. Please note that neither of us speaks Spanish and although this didn't pose any problems in town, it would be helpful to know the language in Mexico. We had no problems getting through Customs and Immigration, which took about an hour. We walked out front, grabbed a taxi and off we went to our rented Condo. We found the place through and paid about $43 a night. I won't recommend this particular condo. You can do better for about the same price, on VRBO. Go for "newly remodeled."