Thursday, July 15, 2010

Around The Town

Walk the steep steps up to the entrance

After arriving at our condo the previous night, the first thing we needed to do is eat. We always bring a little food along and that would get us to lunch.  We headed down to a little vegetarian restaurant called, Planeta Vegetariano. It's a few blocks from the Cathedral and was "OK." It's "buffet style" and husband went back a few times. Very colorfully designed and busy while we were there. Friendly service and clean. And, really affordable at about $5 each. I have read reviews elsewhere around the internet and I think we may have hit the place on an off day...a Thursday noon experience which seems to come in behind a weekend dinner experience. At any rate, the dessert was the best part. A yummy cake, brought to our table and the dessert changes daily.
Inside Planeta Vegetariano

Wake up!
After lunch, we headed to a local neighborhood grocery store. There is a Costco in town and a Sam's Club, if you need large quantities of food.  And there is a Walmart. Walmart pretty much monopolizes the grocery market in Mexico. Everything you would normally buy at a Supermarket, you'll find at Walmart, along with clothing, household goods, hardware, etc. Even souvineers. But, we just wanted a few things today like bread and milk so off we went to the little local  mercado. Here's a shot of some cereal boxes. Everything is brighter and louder in Mexico!

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