Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Diablos Rojos

We rented a car and drove ourselves around. We like having the freedom of coming and going as we please. The roads are crazy! Driving takes courage in Panama We got lost occasionally even with a GPS! In the city, there are very few stoplights or stop signs. Everyone just converges on the intersection and tries to inch through without running in to anyone. Like I said, there are 2 freeways. And during rush hour, it is literally dog-eat-dog as you near a city. A big challenge to inexperienced drivers are the city buses called "Diablos Rojos" or "Red Devils" They are crowded, decoratively painted school buses, often without air conditioning, with a flat rate of 25 cents to any location in Panama City. These buses used to transport American schoolchildren. They were then brought down to Panama and no longer look like the big yellow schoolbuses you might be used to. They race each other on the roads trying to get more passengers and make better time. Watch this video for an education.

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