Saturday, March 20, 2010


Off we go, Burbank to Seattle for $179 RT, each. Alaska Air, so we end up paying $15 to check one bag, each way. We arrived today, March 20 and will stay 7 days. Temps are in the mid 50s with scattered showers on a couple of days. Flying in to Sea-Tac, one is struck with the beauty of the area below. Mount St. Helens and Ranier, peaking out from the clouds. Huge amounts of water, the tall buildings along the shore and then the budding greenery as the plane flies closer to the ground.
We are staying at the Inn at Queen Anne in the Queen Anne area of Seattle. There's a Starbucks around the corner and a Dick's Restaurant, several nicer dinner restaurants and a nice grocery store within walking distance. Built in 1928, the Inn at Queen Anne is older but quaint. Although the room could use a little TLC  (ceiling by the window has water damage, carpet's worn, etc.,) it's very clean and close to public transportation. Room has a kitchenette so we'll be making our own meals a lot. At $71 a night, you can't go wrong in a city where the cost of living seems to be a little higher.
*Travel Tip: When staying in Seattle, don't bother renting a car. Take the Light Rail for $2.50 from Sea-Tac to Downtown and stay in any Hotel. It's an easy walk. We got off at the last stop and then to get a little further, we hopped on the Monorail for $2 to the Space Center. We walked to our hotel in just a few minutes.

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