Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tofino Via Ucluelet and Port Alberni

Today's adventure was a day trip to Tofino. There's one way to get there by car and that is to take Hwy 4 thru Port Albernini. It's about a 3 1/2 hour drive from Nanaimo. This was a day of FREE activities, aside from parking you might pay for. In the summer, you would swim, surf and hang out in town at Galleries and gift shops and hike on the many trails. In the winter, hard-core surfers are out but the rest us are bundled up. We stopped in Ucluelet, first and drove around till we saw a sign for Browns Beach. We got out and decided to go for a little hike. Beautiful views of the coast. Rocks and surf. But, we stumbled upon lot after lot after empty lot. All along the coast of this part of the Island, land was being developed to be sold and built upon.

On the way, in between Port Abierni and Ucluelet, there was snow. This was a beautiful thing, everything was dusted in white. On the way back however, it was a bit treacherous. The windshield wipers just stopped working. What a rental car. We did get a deal...I think. $220 for 5 days. A 1997 Ford Contour that we rented from a guy near the Ferry. http://www.sidneycars.com/CMS/Last trip, we rented from Avis in Panama and the guy combed the car for nicks and dents for 20 minutes. But this guy waved and said "Don't worry about it" and "I upgraded you to a better car." Good grief! What was the original? Did he know about the wipers? But, we saved $150 and the guy did pick us up at the ferry-no charge.The next morning, we took it to a place near our B&B where they fixed the problem.

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