Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Ferry

Waiting For The Ferry To Arrive
There are a couple of ways to get from the airport to Vancouver Island. We chose the most frugal method which was to travel via bus from the airport to the Ferry and then take the Ferry over to the Island. The bus fare was $2.50 and the ferry was another $13.50. I don't recommend this if you have more than one easy to pull piece of luggage. You could also take a taxi from airport to Ferry or you could rent a car at the airport and drive ONTO the ferry and then drive OFF once you reach the Island. But these get progressively more expensive. Another option instead of the Ferry is to hop on a seaplane. YVR to Nanaimo tickets are $69. The seaplane would've been faster (20 min) and a lot of fun but the ferry was pretty cool. The Ferry ride is a 90 minute trip. There are many things to do onboard including eating at a Buffet or on board restaurant, a coffee shop, gift shop and plenty of time to catch up on your reading or walk around the deck for the view.

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